Midsumma 2017 Plans for VicLeather

14 Dec 2016 10:12 PM | Anonymous

It has recently been brought to light that News Corp is one of Midsumma Festival's Gold sponsors, and there has been a lot of talk in the LGBTIQA+ Communities about whether they were going to attend or support Midsumma.

On December 7th, SameSame reported the following:

Midsumma said in a media release: ‘Midsumma Festival would like to inform LGBTQIA+ communities that after robust consultation, Midsumma will continue the current media partnership with the Herald Sun and Leader publications for the remaining 2017 Festival period.’

The Midsumma festival is one of VicLeather's favourite times of year. However, for the upcoming year (2017) we will not be running a stall at Midsumma Carnival as a response to the Midsumma Board keeping News Corp on as a Gold sponsor. After the way News Corp publications have attacked the Safe Schools program and other parts of the LGBTQIA+ Community in articles and commentary in the Herald Sun and other Leader publications, the standing Committee does not believe that we should be contributing money to Midsumma for 2017. The values of News Corp and VicLeather are not aligned.

We will, however, be marching in Pride March as visibility within the greater community is an intrinsic part of VicLeather's goals. We are proud to wear our Leather, We are proud to create safe space for our leather community members to march with us, as Pride March is a celebration and is a political act in and of itself. The Leather community has often been the mortar to help others stand strong in the LGBTQIA+ Community and helping them feel safe. From Leather to Drag and all in between.

If you are interested in marching with us at Pride March, Please email us info@vicleather.org.au.

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