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17 Jun 2017 9:03 AM | Anonymous

This is Lee, Your Membership Liason! Our new yearly renewal process has now started, (if you've not received an email yet, you should in the next day or so). As we are on a new system this year, I wanted to answer some questions a few members have already been asking me, to take a bit more of the work out of your renewal for this year.

For easy reference, this FAQ has been emailed to our members as well, however in the event that you miss the email, we want to make sure you have the details available here.

How long do I have to renew?

Officially, your renewal is due on July 1st, as that's when your previous membership started from. However, we have built in a grace period into our systems, that you have 30 days after that date to complete your renewal with us before your membership lapses. We will be sending reminder emails during this period, so if you need some time before you can renew, we will be keeping in touch with you during this period.

Something's gone wrong! Help!

If you're having issues renewing under the new system, I am here to assist! You can email me at and I can help get you back on track. In fact, if you're having issues with any part of our website or membership system, I'm the committee member in charge, so you can always send me an email with any issues you might be having.

I'm not comfortable paying online for my membership. How else can I renew?

We absolutely understand that some members may not want to pay their membership renewal online. We will be making sure that committee members are available at our next few events to take payment for those who wish to pay in person.We are able to accept either cash or eftpos/credit card in person for renewal.

Our next event on our calendar will be Gear Up, on Friday, 23rd June at the Yorkshire Hotel from 7pm onwards. We will, as always, keep our members posted on new events as they are organised. If you're not likely to be able to get to our events, we're happy to help make other arrangements, so please give me a contact at to do so.

I'd like to change my membership type while I'm renewing. How do I do that?

If you've recently moved into/out of Victoria, or if you're both now part of a couple or larger family, or are now able to claim a concession, now is an excellent time to change your membership type. You can either do so via your VicLeather Profile online, and this will create a new invoice that you can pay as per normal. We will then be able to void the previous invoice for you.

For changing to/from a Couple or Family membership, the process is a little more involved (As we'll need to help you move the other members to the new membership type as well). Please do not hesitate to contact myself at and I will be happy to help you complete the process.

I'm part of a Couple/Family membership. How does renewal work for us?

In your case, there will be one member who will be receiving invoices and renewal notices - the other members in the membership don't need to worry. If you're a Couple/Family member and aren't sure who's the contact, or (as above) your family/couple has changed, please contact myself at, and I'll be happy to assist.

What if I've already decided I don't want to be a member anymore?

If you've made the decision that VicLeather is no longer for you, this saddens us greatly, but we do understand. Again, you can contact myself at, and I can make sure your membership lapses early, so you can avoid any further email reminders. Alternatively, you can simply not complete the renewal process, and your membership will lapse automatically around August 30th.

If this is the route you are going, we would appreciate any feedback you've had regarding your membership. If you've had issues with us, we'd love to know why so we can continue to improve VicLeather for our members. (As a note, we're not shy about feedback in general - members are always welcome to send an email to the committee at if you have any feedback for us).

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