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08 Oct 2017 8:28 PM | Anonymous

This is Lee, your Membership Liason! Our last newsletter was quite full of events, and didn't really give us on the committee much space to discuss a couple of important pieces of information regarding our upcoming AGM, and your membership. This news post is here to update you on these subjects, so please read and make sure you're across the information!

We have also provided this information as an email to our members.

Annual General Meeting

As we mentioned in our previous two newsletters, our AGM is coming up this month on the 27th October. Our AGMs are an important part of the running of the club, since we want to do what we can to maintain communication with our members, and make sure that, should you have any concerns regarding the club, that you have an open venue to discuss those with us. To make that easier, we will be providing a copy of agenda after 6pm of the 25th of October to all members in another AGM/Membership update (see below for why it will be sent on this date).

We hope to see you there, but in the event that you cannot attend, you can choose another member to attend and vote on your behalf. We have a proxy nomination form available on the new Forms and Policies section of our website (in the About section above), that you can download, fill out and sign, that allows you to do so. The form can work entirely digitally, and accepts digital signatures (for those PDF programs that support that), so you can fill the form out electronically and email it to your proxy so they can bring it to the AGM (of course, physical signatures are still fine!).

Our AGM is also where we conduct our elections for the VicLeather committee for the next year. We'd like to extend an invitation to our members, that if you would like to contribute more to VicLeather, we would love to get your nomination! The committee nomination form is now also available on our website, and has been also recently upgraded to work entirely digitally (including digital signatures) as you may need. The form instructions are on the form itself. Please be aware that in order for your committee nomination to be accepted, we need it no later than 6pm on the 25th of October, as we need time to make sure ballots are printed and that details of members up for election are available in the AGM agenda.

Code of Conduct

In the last month, in light of some recent events in the wider Melbourne kink community, we in the committee chose to go through VLI's code of conduct, and make sure it's updated and fully available to our members and the public. We've now completed that process, and the document is available on our website (including a printable version that we can take to events as needed). It's located on the Forms and Policies page in the About menu of our website.

Please do make sure you take the time to read through the Code, as this is the expectation for behaviour at our events.

Membership Dogtags

We have had a number of members ask us regarding membership dogtags for this year, so it is clear that our communications around this have been lax. We'd like to provide full details on dogtags for this year to all our members.

In short, our dogtags are intended to be used year-on-year - once you have your dogtag, unless you lose it, you should not ever need a new one so long as you are a VicLeather member. The intention with our dogtags is that, once you have renewed your membership, you can bring your dogtag to any of our events, at which we will stamp the new year onto the tag. If you're a member that finds it hard to get to our events, but still want to get your dogtags restamped, you can also send your dogtag via mail to us. We will stamp the new year, and then send your dogtag back to your address. If you wish to do this, the address to send your dogtag to is:

Victorian Leather Inc
PO Box 13165
Law Courts, VIC 8010

From hereonin, we'll be making sure that this process is much more transparent for our members, and the details will be provided on the membership renewal email from now on.

As an aside, if you have lost your dogtag, please do not hesitate to contact myself (at or the committee (, and we can make sure a new dogtag is sent to you.

That's all for this update. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please do not hesitate to send me an email (at, and I'll be happy to assist.

Yours in Leather,

Membership Liason

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