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06 Jun 2018 2:11 PM | Bella (Administrator)

A letter received by VLI from our member boy Paulus. (Shared with permission)

I would first like to personally thank all committee members for the hard work and many hours you have all put in at this very stressful time.

Next: I would like to make a statement that I hope you will consider and perhaps post in an attempt to end the current issue of some members from VLI posting their own agenda on social media.

As members of VLI we have all agreed to abide by the rules of our constitution, we all did this voluntarily when we joined and paid our memberships.

See Rule 9

Section 1

Parts (b) and (c)

for membership

(1) To apply to become a member of the Association, a person must submit a written or on-line application to the committee stating that the person—

(a) wishes to become a member of the Association; and

(b) supports the purposes of the Association; and

(c) agrees to comply with these Rules; and

(d) is a natural person who resides in Victoria

(e) indicate whether the person wishes their personal information on the register of members to be be kept restricted so that only members of the committee have access for administrative purposes and the general membership is not able to such personal information when a member seeks to inspect the register of members as per section 13 (f).

As the posting on social media in the current light of things is NOT beneficial to VLI and in direct conflict with VLI values and Code of Conduct I would request all members to stop and desist from this action . These actions are both undermining to the organisation and are prejudicial .




harmful to someone or something; detrimental.

VLI is a registered organisation and the committee members are bound under the act to uphold their position in good faith and to the best of their ability. As is each member.

I believe that we all owe our support to both the organisation and the committee members who serve .

There are processes in place if you wish challenge any action taken by the committee, but it must be done in accordance with the constitution - not on social media.

In leather,

boy Paulus

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